Utilities & Infrastructure

Utility companies are often under pressure when implementing new infrastructure projects or repairs. Whether a landlord or a tenant, ensuring you get the best advice as early as possible is vital to protect your interests and achieve the right result.

At youngsRPS, we have worked with a wide variety of authorities and know our way around the legislation, how these organisations operate and how to achieve the best results for agricultural, residential or commercial clients.

What is most important is that those involved understand their position and entitlements. We can help to explain this process so you're clear about what you are entitled to.

Compulsory purchase

Acquiring authorities are invariably under pressure when carrying out new infrastructure projects, therefore specialist input plays a vital role in protecting the interest of both landowners and occupiers to achieve the very best result.

This includes schemes such as roads, railways, cables and pipelines.

Our services include:

  • Negotiating terms and access
  • Considering mitigation and accommodation works
  • Assessing reinstatement and future land management requirements
  • Negotiating and agreeing compensation for items including the value of land taken, the impact on retained land, disturbance, home loss payments.

Statutory powers

Utility companies have statutory powers to carry out works on private land and the laws surrounding them are very complex. This can include new schemes, upgrades or repairs.

Our expert team have worked with an extensive range of utility companies over many years and know their way around the legislation, whether it be for water, sewers, electricity, gas or telecommunications.

We want to ensure your interests are protected and that you are sufficiently compensated for any losses as farmers, landowners or tenants.

Professional fees can be included as part of the claim, therefore our involvement in the process will not only save our clients time, but also ensures that they get the best possible outcome and are fully compensated.

Our services include:

  • Negotiating access
  • Agreeing compensation for easements, wayleaves and capital payments for temporary sites
  • Assessing reinstatement and future land management requirements
  • Negotiating payments for crop losses, damage and non-compliance with schemes, as well disturbance

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