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Scottish Farmers Reminded to Apply for Slurry Storage Grant

Tue 9 April 2019

YoungsRPS highlight opportunity for slurry storage funding.

Chartered Surveyors, Land Agents and Property Consultants, YoungsRPS, are urging Scottish farmers who are considering increasing their farm slurry capacity, to take advantage of the Scottish Government Slurry Storage Grant before the deadline of Wednesday 26th June 2019.

The grant, which aims to help farmers bring their slurry capacity up to 6 months, offers contributions towards the costs of building the store itself and also the necessary ancillary fittings and assemblies, reception tank and transfer pumps where relevant. 

Applicants are required to prepare a farm waste management plan / storage calculation, and a steading drainage plan for the holding. This needs to identify the additional storage capacity that is required in order to provide six months slurry storage, including identifying any actions that are required to minimise the production of dirty water.

Commenting on the availability of the scheme, Michael Halliday, Farm Business Consultant at YoungsRPS, said: “This grant offers Scottish farmers a valuable opportunity to upgrade or renew their slurry storage facilities for future demands.

“Without doubt, the livestock farming industry will experience significant changes during the next few years and ensuring your farm infrastructure is sufficient for future requirements is vital for the sustainability of the business.

“However, it is also important to also value the immediate advantages of sufficient slurry storage. Farmers can benefit hugely from the greater flexibility offered by spreading slurry at the optimal time to meet crop requirements, when nutrient uptake will be higher. This, in turn, reduces the risk of nitrates leaching and therefore makes the best use of the slurry nutrients. As a result, the need for bought in fertiliser is reduced, which has the added benefit of reducing the farms overall carbon footprint.”

“Also worthy of a mention, is the advantage of having sufficient storage to manage through an exceptional weather event, such as prolonged wet weather when the risk of slurry run-off or causing damage to the soil are high. These events are becoming more common and having plentiful storage capacity gives a huge amount of peace of mind to farmers, in addition to the legal, practical and nutritional benefits.”

This grant, however, is not available in areas that are designated as Nitrate Vulnerable Zones and cannot be used to increase slurry storage capacity to accommodate an increase in livestock numbers.

To conclude, Michael said:

“There are many reasons for farmers to consider improving their slurry storage facilities and I urge them to look into their eligibility for this grant. The specialist team at YoungsRPS has a wealth of experience in advising on grant options and works with farmers to complete detailed grant applications. Seek professional advice if needed, as this grant can make an important contribution to improving farm infrastructure to make your business robust for the future.”