If you are exploring renewable energy projects, talk to youngsRPS before you agree to anything. We can help you assess your application at a local level.

Wind and solar energy

Renewable energy is clean, affordable and effectively infinite. An increasing number of landowners are looking to wind and solar energy as a means to generate electricity and increase revenue.

However, the removal of historic subsidies has challenged the energy sector significantly. Costs of development are failing to reduce the funding gap and improve project viability. Grid capacity and proximity of connection play a key part in the success of any project.

youngsRPS has historic knowledge and experience in these types of projects which means we are very well placed to deliver the best terms for renewable proposals including new schemes, lease renewals, repowering or reviews.

Very often, we find that the wrong developer can prejudice your ability to move forward with a successful scheme in the future, we will use our local knowledge to help you submit the best application possible.

Storage sites

All electrical generation and storage projects require easy, direct access to the electricity supply grid and available capacity to deliver successful projects.

Here at youngsRPS, we have access to the relevant information to assess the situation at local level. From a landowner perspective, the crucial thing is the ability to identify what available capacity there is and what type of project it would appropriately support.

Securing the relevant grid rights on behalf of the owner enables the most advantageous terms to be agreed with prospective developers.

Please contact us with our knowledgeable team to discuss your energy needs.