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When it comes to Choosing Agents, Trust in your Local High Street

Fri 7 June 2019

When it comes to Choosing Agents, Trust in your Local High Street

At a time where online agents are entering the market in the North East, Rosie Spours, Valuer Manager for YoungsRPS, shares her reasons for why using high street agents has many benefits:

“Currently, we are seeing an increasing presence of online agents who promote with cheap upfront fees. However, it is worth remembering that whilst using online agents may seem the easier option, your local high street agent can offer you a more professional and personalised experience that will expose your property to a wider audience whilst giving you support throughout your sale.”

Before choosing an online estate agency or indeed any agent, ask yourself five questions:

  1. Does their valuer really demonstrate their experience and knowledge of the local market?
  2. Ask who will negotiate your sale.  Do they know the property? Will it be a dedicated individual or simply someone in a call centre who won’t have the knowledge of your property to negotiate the best price for your property.
  3. Do you think that they will be incentivised to get you the best price for your property, especially if you pay their fee up front?
  4. Are you prepared to deal with viewings, undertake negotiations and monitor the sale process with minimal support?
  5.  Are you maximising your buyers and your market? Not all buyers are confident using online agents, they like the personal response and support of an agent.

“Whilst the online company working on the sale of your property will be estate agents, they might not, however, be local to you. Experience and local knowledge are two of the many advantages of a traditional high street agent; they know what sells in your area, what the pricing should be, and may already know potential buyers.”

“We find buyers very often don’t feel confident dealing with online agents and prefer the face to face relationship with a high street agent.”

“In terms of cost, the different way in which an estate agent’s and an online agent’s charge for their services can also make a difference to how much you secure for your property. A traditional agent receives a percentage of the final sale price; therefore, they will do their upmost to get the highest yet most realistic price possible – an online estate agent is often paid a fixed up-front fee and does not have that incentive.”

“Property marketing is highly price sensitive and placing too high a price will be detrimental to the end goal of a successful sale.”

“Industry expertise, local knowledge, an in-depth understanding of the housing market and professional reputation is key on the high street and this is something which should be considered when choosing against an online business or your local high street agent to ensure a successful sale or letting of your property.”