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Daylight and Sunlight Considerations: will this impact high-density schemes?

Thu 2 July 2020

The appeal against Newcastle City Council’s refusal of planning permission for a residential development of 10-13 storeys at Heber Street, Newcastle was dismissed in April. The focus of the original refusal and the recent appeal decision was issues of daylight and sunlight. Whilst the outcome of this appeal will ensure that this issue remains a key factor in the decision making of the City Council, this does not preclude the development of high-density schemes in the City as reinforced by Sam Wallis at GIA, who said:

“The Heber Street decision has reinforced the importance of context being a key consideration when deciding as to whether the daylight and sunlight availability within the proposed development, and the impact on daylight and sunlight amenity to existing buildings (including, crucially, the amount of retained daylight and sunlight) is appropriate for the proposed development’s location. Developer’s should be encouraged by this, but increased scrutiny on daylight and sunlight amenity is an unavoidable consequence of the densification of Newcastle’s urban areas, and an important factor when planning officers are considering the living conditions of the residents, both future and existing”

The Planning team at youngsRPS are involved in a number of residential schemes in Newcastle city centre and are happy to consult and advise you on your development, as well as considerations surrounding daylight and sunlight availability. Please get in touch with:

Helen Marks
Richard Morgan

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