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Rural: £21 million awarded under Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme

Wed 16 December 2020

The Rural Payments Agency has notified successful applicants of the third and final round of the Governments Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme; more than 3,800 farmers are set to benefit from £21 million of new and innovative productivity boosting equipment such as, livestock monitoring cameras to precision farming technology.

Important Dates for Successful Applicants

18th January 2020 – successful applicants must start talking to their suppliers now to confirm the items that they wish to order before accepting their grant on the acceptance portal by 18th January 2020. It is important that contact is made as soon as possible to ensure that items can be delivered prior to the claim deadline.

31st May 2020 – successful applicants must have bought and install all their items before 31st May 2020. This deadline has been extended by two months to allow for potential delays caused by the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

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